''Labrador Retriever Puppies available now"

We will try to post new information and photos as our past puppy's parents send updates. We feel that this is becoming a wonderful breed to raise and are making many new friends along the way.

Ellie is one of Moni and Woodrows babies.

Thought you’d like to see Ellie’s picture. I had a groomer come to my house and bath her and trim her. She is really smart, maybe too smart. I forgot that I’ve never had a puppy and all of my dogs were house trained before I got them. Man this is like a 2yr old she’s into everything but I won’t trade her for anything.

Ellie aka Pipper left here when she was over 12 weeks old. Julie says that she would visit with anyone whom is interested in our puppies. Just let me know.

Hi Beth,
Been one whole week. Remind me how hard it is to raise a puppy..lol I’m not sure if I’m training her or she’s training me but it’s an experience for sure. Just wanted you to see this photo, made me laugh thinking this is just what my boys would of played with at age 2 instead of the toy.

Hope you have a very wonderful holiday.

Little Princess has left today, what a wonderful home she has with Rich and Diane. We look forward to updates as she grows.

Willie, Princess, Sweetie, Cooper, Ava and Carter are Abby and Woodrow's babies (this is their second litter together)

Willie is leaving soon...

Sweetie will be leaving soon...

Cooper will be leaving soon...

Ava will be leaving after the first of January 2013

Carter is still available!! Ready to leave Now!


Lola is one of Moni and Woodrow's puppies


Just wanted to let you know we are home and doing well, took Lola in for her check up this morning and our vet said she looks wonderful! She is such a good girl, and seems so smart, she really seems to be listening and paying attention to what is going on around her. She has slept through the night both nights (knock on wood that that continues!) and has only had one accident in the house so far. I will send you some pictures when she has gotten bigger so you can see how she grows. I have tried to take some pictures since we have been home and I am amazed that you were able to get so many good shots because she sure doesn't hold still for long :)

Thanks again!

Here is a picture of Lola at 12 weeks old with her older sister.

Here is Lola at 5 weeks old. She left here at 8 weeks old.

Here is Lola at 12 weeks old in her new home.


Frank called to say that Truman's vet visit also went well and the kids are really enjoying him. He has been a good puppy and great size for their family. I look forward to seeing more photos of these babies as they grow.

Truman at 5 weeks old. He left the SIESS RANCH at 8 weeks old

Just wanted you to know Cooper is doing great! We are having so much fun with him! He is also doing well at night... he even made it all night last night without needing to get up! We did have to give him his first bath this morning b/c he went out and ran through the sprinklers and then right through the dirt in the flower bed and rolled around. He has fun, but what a mess! :-) He has also met all of our family .. grandparents, cousins & all! And of course they think he is the cutest dog ever! Just wanted to give you and update! Thanks so much!

Cooper at 4 weeks old, left here at 9 weeks old with his new family from Colorado.

Here is an updated photos of Sandi aka as Peanut in her new home at 12 weeks old

Sandi at 6 weeks she is also expected to leave here at 8 weeks old.

Here is Murrey at 1 year old at home with Lori and Neil.

I would say that Murrey is exactly what I had pictured our f1B puppies to look like at one year. It seems that there are still some various sizes and hair coats differences as with any other breed; but we feel that the F1B puppies are proving to be more consistent in the true labradoodle hair coats to shed less.

Some of the compliments we recieve is that they are so easy to train and are people pets. They love being part of the family.

We would love to see photos of your F1B mini labradoodle from the SIESS RANCH please feel free to email them to me at siessranch at gmail.com or you can fill out the contact us form on our website to stay in touch with us. thanks
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