Our Mini Labradoodle Mothers and Toy Poodle Studs


DOB 4-8-10


DOB 4-8-10

DOB 4-8-10


DOB 4-8-10

Moni, Peaches, Tasha and Abby are sisters. Their parents are Sassy and Tony. Sassy is one of our english lab mothers. You can see more of our labrador retriever mothers here. And Tony is our first toy poodle stud. You can see more photos of him and his sired puppies here. He is our main guy for the F1 generation puppies. Read more about our miniature labradoodles here




Gus and Woodrow are brothers. They are Toy Poodles and have very similar looks. Woodrow is more laid back and mellow for a poodle and Gus is a very typical toy poodle. Both are proving to give us healthy puppies.

Ivory at 1 year old.
She is a year younger then the girls above. She will not be having puppies till later in 2012


Bambi is our first labradoodle mother to raise the F1B puppies for us.

What is an F1B miniature labradoodle puppy?

An F1 generation means it is a first generation mix breed, so our mothers are all F1 mini labradoodles. And the B means that the puppy is an offspring of a mini poodle. In terms that the mother was bred back to a poodle. Giving the puppies 3/4 poodle and 1/4 lab.

Does this mean that your mini labradoodles will be more like the miniature poodle?

Not necessarily, they tend to carry both traits. We do see a full hair coat with our F1B puppies. We still see a difference in the texture of curls or fleece as some people refer to it. But with the way we are breeding we are getting a fuller coat that sheds very little if at all. We do however see an overall smaller size.

How big will a mini labradoodle get?

We are seeing a consistent size of 20 to 30 lbs as an adult. Occasionally we do have some that are smaller or larger but not often. We can judge this upon how the puppy grows and also the body length and leg height. As with any puppy this tends to show more at the 5-8 week ages. Some will have a thicker bone which comes from the lab and some will have the fine bone coming from the poodle.

Isn't this breeding to closely to the bloodlines to multiply problems?

It could be if not done properly. We are not breeding our mothers to the same lines that they have in their family. Any dog whether it is purebred or mix should not be bred back to the parents. This does multiply similar genetics. Our new poodle boys Gus and Woodrow are not related to any of our original lines that produced our Mini labradoodle mothers.

How can I tell what puppy would be a good match for me?

The best way is to communicate to us what you are wanting in a puppy. It is a consideration on how big your family is how active and the ages of the children. We may not know at the young age but as they grow and develop we can tell you things about their personality and how they are growing to help you make the right decision.

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