''Labrador Retriever Puppies available now"

This page is photos of our past Mini Labradoodle puppies and their parents.
All these puppies have been placed !

Mini Labradoodle puppies are such gems*** Read what our past puppy buyers have stated about them here...



Beth - Suzy is doing great! She is such a sweet dog. I love how she likes to lay her head in your lap to love on her. She is doing really well on her daily walks with her leash too. Thanks for checking on us! Oh, and we renamed her Bella. :)

Toodles the Doodle

Hi Beth,

Toodles has been working very hard. The first picture is of him catching a few z’s in the camper after a dip in the creek and the second is his favorite place to snooze in the house…our bed!


We appreciate past puppy buyers sending us photos as it is hard to explain how the puppies grow and what size they will be, both Toodles and Roxy are 4 months old in these photos and video. And are 1st generation miniature labradoodles from the Siess Ranch :)

Hello from wichita! Just a little update on Roxy! She is doing very well! Very smart little girl! She had her last vaccination this last Friday and got her rabies shot. I think it hurt me more than her! :) She is losing her baby teeth and getting her big girl ones. Last night we hit a milestone.......she finally went up and down the stairs to our basement on her own! Jeff and I are very glad that we don't have to carry her anymore since she is getting so big! She's up to 14 lbs now.....very very tall. We just love her to pieces and are so glad that we brought her into our family!

Nikki sends this youtube video link of Roxy's new trick


Here is Kate aka Roxy at 5 weeks when she was still here at the SIESS RANCH

We just wanted to send you an update on Bentley (aka Gabe - Lena & Tony's litter from 4-21-10). Ed and our vet thought Bentley was going to be a big boy but at six months he was 35lbs and to date he is 37lbs. We don't believe he will get much bigger...for us, he is the perfect size! The wonderful qualities of a lab in a smaller package! Read more about Bentley here

Stephanie states that the flight experience was great for Blondie aka Sammie. I look forward to seeing more photos of Blondie as she grows. When Stephanie picked out Blondie it was concerning her size and her personality. We feel both Blondie and Stephanie have found the perfect home together.


Hi Richard and Beth
I thought I'd give you an update on Sammie - she still continues to bring joy to our family - she is good natured- smart - and loves to be around the kids - she weighs about 23 lbs - you were right on track with her weight - she is perfect.
hope all is well with you

Maxwell was the last of Lady's mini labradoodle puppies to leave. He is pictured on the left, the first night away from our home at 4 months old. Abby his playmate left just a few days before Maxwell found his home! You can read more about our placed labrador retriever puppies here.

Max has done very well adjusting…has slept great both nights, done very well with ‘holding it’ and going outside, loves his new toys, etc. We gave him a bath last night and he did very well with that too.

Thanks for all the work you did with Max before we got him. He’s a great dog!

We are so glad to have found our Maxwell the right home, he was sort of the odd ball in the group looking more like a lab then what we typically see in our labradoodles.

We don't have mini labradoodle all the time because of the difficulty getting the mothers pregnant our average is 1 litter per year. So we call them our little gems...

Tigger aka Chase


I thought I would give you an update about Chase aka "Tigger" he is doing
great and having alot of fun with the kids this summer. He is nearly potty trained to go outside. We are really impressed with his
intelligence. Our friends like him so much they want one, but their dad doesn't want another dog. We will see if mom wins. Thanks, for the great puppy, and if anyone we know wants a labradoodle we will be sure and tell them all about your puppies.

The Gould's

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how well Harley is doing. She has been sleeping all night without crying. Her vet visit on Saturday went great. She slept for most of her first day and then Sunday her playful personality came out. She has not had an accident in her kennel I can tell you took time to work with her and she was socialized so well with your boys.
This has been a better experience for us compared to our last puppy. I hope the rest of your summer goes well and I'll send you photos of her as she
gets bigger.

Here is Maxwell and Rocky, two very different looking mini labradoodle puppies at the age of 9 weeks.

What we find with the first generation breeding of the mini labradoodles is a variety in their hair coats as puppies. However as they mature and loose their baby hair they will tend to favor our year old Bambi, with a longer wavy hair coat. Most common with the full size labradoodle.

The size difference is probably more distinctive at the puppy age. Where Mazwell carries a taller / longer leg look and Rocky favors the shorter stocky look.

We look forward to more mini labradoodle puppies in the fall of 09.

Our second Wilson, what a popular name for our Mini Doodles :)

M and K write to say,

Thanks so much for your help. He's been really good. Gentle with the kids. Got up once last night, has been doing his business outside, has adapted to the leash, naps on his own in his crate with the door open...really, I couldn't ask for a better puppy....especially on the first day with new people in a new place.

Sasha is renamed Lexi, Jill writes to say she is GREAT!
This is a photo of Lexi before she left the SIESS RANCH

Here is Ivory at 9 weeks old she left for her new home on Sunday the 19th.


Harley aka Sandy has left for her new home at 9 weeks of age also.

We look forward to updates on how our puppies are doing and wiil be showing photos of how they are growing.



This is our Thumper he has been renamed Cody- SOLD
to Jeff and Judy and their Family in Surrey BC

Here are some photos of Cody (formerly Thumper), who is growing like mad and settling in nicely to our home in Surrey, B.C. Since he arrived in September, we've had some great weather, and he's enjoyed plenty of play in our back yard, as well as walks through local forests and the beach. He hasn't yet ventured into the ocean; still a little unsure. Cody loves to run and play with kids, and the highlight of his day is usually walking our son to and from school. Other kids literally line up to pet Cody. The vet gave Cody and thorough examination after he arrived, and said he's in great health. I was surprised to hear that our vet finds "flaws" (like an overbite, diseased eyes, etc.) in one in three puppies he sees, and recommends the owners return those dogs to the pet store or breeder (though he says by that time the owners are usually too attached to their new pet). Anyway, it looks like Cody is from a good set of parents.

We will send more photos later. Right now Cody weighs 18 pounds. The photos I sent are a couple of weeks old; he probably weighs about 14 pounds in them. He was eight pounds when he arrived.

You asked in an earlier email about any tips we could give other Canadians when importing a dog from the U.S. It was relatively simple. Before the airline/shipping company will release the dog, the new owners must take the paperwork to the Canada Customs office at the airport, where the dog must be declared like any other commodity, essentially so it can be taxed. In Cody's case, we had to pay the standard B.C. provincial tax (seven per cent on the purchase price) and the federal tax (called the Goods and Service Tax, or GST, which is six per cent). So we paid 13 per cent on the purchase price, roughly $130 Cdn. Of course, someone who buys a dog in B.C. from a breeder or pet store would also pay the 13 per cent tax -- it applies to everything item bought in B.C. or imported. (And you might think you're overtaxed in the U.S.)

Talk to you later.


Cody at one year

Here are some pictures of Cody. He is absolutely a gem. Such a great personality. He loves everyone and in turn everyone seems to love him. He got a summer cut and looks great.

Here is our newest addition to our puppies, Tony our new toy poodle stud dog in training.

Here is Tony full grown photo taken 7-12-09

Tony and his daughter Bambi - Bambi is one year old in this photo.

Bambi is from our Lena, we hope to have more labradoodle puppies in the fall of 09.



Chunky aka Harrison - Male
Chunky has been placed

Harrison is a fun puppy. He likes to follow us around the yard. He is not going to be a very big doggie, but he does have more of the lab features in his face and shoulders. He has some nice height iin his legs also without being to big.



Benji - SOLD


Scooter - Male SOLD

Photo of Lady's Full Blood Lab puppy three days older then these Doodles. You can see that our Labradoodles are smaller.

Studley - Male SOLD at 5 1/2 months
Hello! I just wanted to send you a brief note to say how much my sister and I are enjoying Studley. Our first few days with him were interesting as he was scared to death of stairs and new people. However, he has adjusted well and now spends his days following me around the house. He truely is my little shadow, everywhere I go he's two steps behind. He's better than we could've ever expected. We are constantly hearing people tell us how cute and well behaved he is. I'll be sure to send you some pictures when I get them downloaded. Thanks! Allison

Studley at 3 years old

Hi Beth,
Hope all is well with you!
I know it's been awhile since I've sent pictures of Studley. He'll be 3 years old next month and he's more spoiled than ever! Your new puppies are as cute as can be.
Enjoy the pics, Allison

Here is Stud at 1 year

Studley just celebrated his 1st birthday last week and couldn't be doing any better. He's becoming more relaxed everyday and is able to learn new tricks and commands quite quickly. His strange little habits are definately keeping me entertained. I'll be sure to watch your website for pictures of the new puppies.
Thanks, Allison

Lenny -SOLD Has been placed with Sharon and her family. He will be a playmate with Oreo her mixed YorkiePoo.

Lily - SOLD
Has been placed in California with Eileen and Andy's Family.


Lil Jess one of Jessie' last Labradoodle puppies in 07
Opposite photos shows Jess and Benji a full blood lab at the same age. Our Labradoodle's are half the size of the typical Labrador Retriever since we breed with the Toy Poodle. So we call them "Mini Labradoodles"

Hi Beth -
Things are going well... She seems happy and she is full of energy! She is a little sneak tho.... She runs under the coffee table in the living room and we are looking for her! HAHA - But she just loves laying under there. She knows to go to the door already when she needs to go number 2 but not yet for number 1.... her bladder is still uncontrolable... she just goes when she has too, where ever she might be. She cried her first time being alone when we left... we were gone for 1 hour... when we came back she was sleeping like a baby in her crate. She is also very snuggly when she gets tired. She was sleeping through the night till about 2 nights ago she has been up at 3am both mornings then very tough getting back to sleep. Here are some pictures of her. We introduced her to our family and everyone loves her, she esspecially loves my parents house, she is the queen there. They spoil her and love to run around with her outside until she is dragging her butt behind her. She is to cute for words, we love her!


Things are going great. We love him so much already. He sleeps in bed with us. Probably a bad habit to get into but hard to change now since Sunshine already sleeps with us. He has only had two mistakes in the house and that was the first day. He has not had one mistake since that day. He is a pretty smart puppy. Our other dog loves him to death. She just puts her cheek up against his and he is find with that for awhile and he lets her know when he doesn't want to be touched. She always has to be touching someone. He sometimes prefers not to be held or messed with and she has started to know when he wants to be left alone. He may be little but as they say dynamite comes in small packages. He is very loving and just cuddles up around my neck.
Dianna and John

With the Labrador and Toy Poodle mixed breed expect a smaller dog as an adult with less shedding hair.

Of course there is no guarantee that you will not have any allergy reaction with a cross breed from a Poodle, but it has been stated they are more likely to be less allergetic due to the non-shedding quality of the poodle.


Here is Bambi our 2 year old girl from Lena. And her father Tony our Toy Poodle Stud.

Bambi is our year old girl from Lena and Tony. She is about half the size of Molly one of our Lab mothers. And her hair coat is what we consider typical for first generation labradoodles. A little longer and shaggy.

Bambi has turned 2 and hopefully will be having really petite mini labradoodle puppies for us in the near future. She is bred with our newest member of the SIESS RANCH

Mister Sebastian look for updates on him soon.

Here is Bambi our 2 year old girl from Lena. And her father Tony our Toy Poodle Stud.

Bambi is our year old girl from Lena and Tony. She is about half the size of Molly one of our Lab mothers. And her hair coat is what we consider typical for first generation labradoodles. A little longer and shaggy.

Bambi has turned 2 now and has a beautiful litter of F1B labradoodle puppies. .We look for these to be toy /mini labradoodle puppies .

Maxwell has been placed with Paul and Jessica's family


Maxwell has some awesome looks with his beautiful green eyes and light golden highlighted hair color. Maxwell is like his mother, very attentive at this age. He is started on house and leash training.

His size would probably be similar to Studley on our past buyer page. Allison just sent us photos of Studley at 3 years see them here.

Michael writes to say this about his Wilson one of Lady's labradoodles.

Here is a picture of Wilson, he's doing great. 21 lbs and a little over 4 months. He's been house/crate trained since his second week with us. No accidents since then. Great sleeper, great with the kids. Loves to play fetch and chase a frisbee. He's getting super fast too. Fall season is growing on him here, I'm sure he will love chasing the leaves falling off the trees.

Hope you are well.

Wow he looks so much like Max above. These two boys were almost identical in personality and size as babies.

Here is Wilson, Bambi's brother at age two.

Wilson is the best puppy we could have asked for. He is about 28 pounds with long, wavy hair. He is a very fun loving little boy. He loves to play with other dogs and kids, but he also enjoys self entertaining. Wilson is so smart, curious, and a quick learner. He picks up new tricks and activities is no time, such as fetch with the frisbee and catching treats off his nose. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving best friend.
Tyler and Katie Williams

Tyler and Katie have picked Libbyto join them and Wilson soon.

Here is Jett at 6 months old, has been in his home since 9 weeks old. Another handsome labradoodle :)

Here is Jett at 6 months old. I attached a few pictures of Jett from the 4th. The fireworks sure did not bother him, he loved watching the kids running around!

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