This page is dedicated to Lena and her labradoodle puppies.

Mini Labradoodle puppies are such gems*** Read what our past puppy buyers have stated about them here...

Grant left here first right at the 8 week age.

Princess was the second to leave a week later.

Samantha left at 10 weeks old

Precious flew to El Paso at 12 weeks old on March 30th.

Below is Lena and Tony's litter DOB April 21 2010

2-13-11 We just wanted to send you an update on Bentley (aka Gabe - Lena & Tony's litter from 4-21-10). Ed and our vet thought Bentley was going to be a big boy but at six months he was 35lbs and to date he is 37lbs. We don't believe he will get much bigger...for us, he is the perfect size! The wonderful qualities of a lab in a smaller package!

We couldn't be more pleased with Bentley! He is so intelligent and amusing! It only takes giving him a command two or three times and he has it...he does get a little over excited when company first arrives because he loves people so much, but he settles down quickly.

We have taken him on several trips so far, and he has adjusted very well. I am sending you some pics of his first visit to Savannah and the beach...he was 6 months. He LOVED the sand and ocean and his walks through Savannah as well.

I am also attaching some current pics at 9 months...they are mobile uploads so the quality is not quite as good but you can still see what a handsome little guy he is!

Thanks again for a wonderful pet!

Robyn & Ed

Here is Bentley when he was 10 weeks old with Robyn and Ed.

Bentley still a puppy.

Bentley at 9 months old

This is Bella known as Suzy here at the Siess Ranch. This is one of Lena and Tony's girls from her April 21 2010 litter. She is doing wonderful and loving her life with Melissa. Melissa sent these photos and note at the first of the year 2011.

Hi, Beth!

Happy New Year! Hope all is well on the Ranch! :)
She's wonderful and we love her dearly! Bella and I are VERY attached!
She cries when I leave or just walk out the door to check the mail.
She is my shadow :)
One of the best things is coming home to a lovable labradoodle with a
wagging tail. She is definitely a cuddle bug!

She is "My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet." - Edith Wharton


Hi, Beth! I just had a friend (professional photographer) visit last weekend.
She graciously took some pictures of Bella so I thought I'd share two with you. Love the pictures of the new puppies! :) Melissa

What a beautiful labradoodle.

Maxwell was the last of Lady's mini labradoodle puppies to leave. He is pictured on the left, the first night away from our home at 4 months old. Abby his playmate left just a few days before Maxwell found his home! You can read more about our placed labrador retriever puppies here.

Max has done very well adjusting…has slept great both nights, done very well with ‘holding it’ and going outside, loves his new toys, etc. We gave him a bath last night and he did very well with that too.

Thanks for all the work you did with Max before we got him. He’s a great dog!

We are so glad to have found our Maxwell the right home, he was sort of the odd ball in the group looking more like a lab then what we typically see in our labradoodles.

We don't have mini labradoodle all the time because of the difficulty getting the mothers pregnant our average is 1 litter per year. So we call them our little gems...


With the Labrador and Toy Poodle mixed breed expect a smaller dog as an adult with less shedding hair.

Of course there is no guarantee that you will not have any allergy reaction with a cross breed from a Poodle, but it has been stated they are more likely to be less allergetic due to the non-shedding quality of the poodle.

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