Why do we also raise Miniature Labradoodles?

I would like to credit Margaret H Bonham on her articles about labradoodles and the so called Designer Dogs. She has made many statements to which I feel hit the nail on the head about these puppies.
  • What is all this discussion about hypoallergenic?
    Originally the lab and the poodle were crossed to produce a less shedding working therapy dog. This has developed into a popular breed because of these two traits mixed together.

    One of the biggest reasons for buying a labradoodle has to do with the hyperallergenic claims. The Poodle cross gives them an inherited trait for a relatively shed free single coat. Making this better for people with allergies. Does this mean that every labradoodle will not shed? No you will see some shedding.

    With the miniature F1B puppies you will find that the shedding very minimal. Because of their size and also the second generation of the poodle brought back in to the breed.
    In percentages you will have 3/4 poodle and 1/4 lab with our F1B mini labradoodle puppies. You can see more of our established Miniature Labradoodle breeding program and discriptions of each dog here.
  • How about Hybrid Vigor?
    Designer Crossbreed puppies have become very popular in recent years. One reason is the talk of a healtier dog so called hybrid vigor. Again using percentages if you take two completely different lines of dogs and breed them together you will get a mix of both of their genes which in a sense would lead you to agree that this would produce a vigor breed. But you are not considering that at times this could be the exact opposite.

    Good breeding practices are always the best judgements. What we have bred into our labs is a proven line of healthy poodles. Which in turn produces a high percentage of health traits. The same practices hold true with purebreds. You will want to only take lines that are proven healthy to carry on. And to be careful not to breed to closely to the lines. That is why we have two new non related Toy Poodles to mate with our F1 labradoodle mothers.

    Interesting fact from Margaret Bonham "All dogs are still the same species and their genes still make them dogs. When breeding two different breeds, such as Labrador Retriever and the Poodle, you are still breeding two dogs, no matter how dissimilar they look. Any alleles those two breeds share will create a dog with homoazygous traits. This can be bad or good depending on the traits."
  • What does F1B mean?
    The f1B means that this is a first generation labradoodle bred back to a poodle. So you will be getting more of the poodle characteristics, hence less shedding and less size. Does this hold true with all miniature labradoodles? No, some breeders are breeding labradoodle to labradoodle. We feel that you get more of the less shedding and smaller size with breeding minature labradoodle to toy poodle. Also we are more in control of health issues in knowing what we are breeding. Where as if we are throwing another breeders line into the gene pool we may come across with more genetic traits that we do not want.

    Our F1B mini labradoodle puppies are considered a multi-generational breeding. Due to the fact that they are not crossed with the same daddy there is a totally new line of toy poodle brought into the second generation gives us the stonger healthier puppy.
  • Why don't all labradoodle puppies look the same?
    When two dogs are bred from different breeds you combine the genes of those two breeds. But genetic difference between labs and poodles are very small, even if the outward appearances might be very great.

    We have seen first hand more differences in hair coats and size with our first generation of miniature labradoodles. Some will be taller some will be shorter and some straight wavy hair coats and some longer curlier coats. None of these traits effect the health of the dogs but do require more knowledge in how to groom them and keep them in shape.

    We are seeing more uniform traits with our second generation F1B miniature labradoodle puppies. With having our first litter born almost 2 years ago and now starting in with our breeding program we can say more surely that this is where we are striving to be in breeding the F1B mini labradoodle puppy.
    But be aware that not all F1B mini labradoodle puppies are bred the same. Some will have the Cocker bred into them. So it is important to talk with the breeder and develop a trust for their breeding program before you jump right in and get one of these little gems.

    We also see personality difference in each puppy too. This is often the case with any breed pure or mix. Each puppy will develop and start to show their true personalities around the 6-8 weeks of age.
  • Is a miniature F1B labradoodle a good fit for me?
    Only you and your breeder can pick a puppy that is a good fit for you. If you are considering a miniature labradoodle from the SIESS RANCH we will ask you about your life style and personal choices. Some of the most common traits I see with these "little gems" that is what I call my mini labradoodle puppies, is that they require creative training :)

    The best way I can discribe this is that for a typical lab we can throw the tennis ball all day long and they never get tired of retrieving it. They are very content with just being around us. For a labradoodle they will tend to crave a new trick. They are very social puppies and love to tag along. But due to their poodle smarts they often get bored with just sitting around. If you are interested in a smaler version of the labradoodle and want a happy little puppy with a lot of personality then maybe a mini labradoodle puppy from the SIESS RANCH is the right choice. See our F1B miniature labradoodle puppies for sale here.

    When we train puppies we see certain traits as they develop from the weaning stages. Prior to this age all puppies are very similar and love to be held and cuddled. Which our grandchildren love to handle that part of the business. When the puppies are weaned we start evaluating them for lead and follow instincts. These traits will be the foundation on how they are trained. It is good to know about these traits when the puppy is younger so that you can handle certain situations as they grow with confidence in your training.
  • Recomended books on training and raising a happy puppy.

    Through a dogs eyes by Jennifer Arnold

    Cesar's Way The Natural Everyday Guide to Dog Problems by Cesar Millan and Melissa Jo

    Tom Dokken's Retriever Training
    The Complete guide to developing your hunting dog

    Retriever Training - A back to basics approach by Robert Milner

    The complete Idiot's Guide to Designer Dogs by Margaret Bonham
    Reviewed for accuracy by, Beth Adelman. She is a former editor of AKC Gazette and Dog World magazine and the online magazine TheDOG DAILY.com
    She has been involved in publishing books and magazines about companion animal for years.

    This is just a short listing of books if you have found one you like let me know and I can add it to the list.

These are some of our past F1 Generation Miniature Labradoodles

This is Bambi our F1 Mother at 6 months old


This is Sassy's Sammie F1 puppy at 10 months old

See more of our past miniature labradoodle puppies in their new homes here


Here is one of Sassy F1 Labradoodle girls that resembles a lab more then poodle. Photo of Bella at 1 year old

Here are a few recent pictures of Bella. She is such a wonderful companion.
We love her dearly!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

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