''Labrador Retriever Puppies available now"

Here are some advantages of buying an older puppy from the SIESS RANCH - I start this training with the puppies between 8-10 weeks of age. Usually most of the puppies are sold by this time but if I have some that did not sell in that time frame the ones left get personal one on one attention!

Commands I have been working on are:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Heel

They are doing pretty good, we have quite a few distractions, there is usually another dog out with us. Which is not always a bad thing.
I feel they learn how to concentrate and listen to me.

Unfortunately I am the one that does most of the handling - my husband works a lot away from home, so they are going to be used to a female voice. But I really don't think that will hinder their training it will just be an adjustment. And with any training if everyone in the house knows the same rules and teaches in the same commands this will help!

I work with them on coming in the house, not to enter before I do whether they are on the leash or not.

When on the leash I use the come command and tug on the leash. If they are jumping ahead or lagging behind I command with heel and tug on the leash. Usually if they have a habit of leaping forward or running out, I try very hard to tug on the leash immediately and command heel, or no. It is very important that you use gentle tugs on the leash. Occassionally I train with a harness if the puppy is just not coming along with a collar and leash.

They are picking up on certain tones of my voice, such as the praise I give them (I personally feel that a lab can be trained by praise rather then with constant treats)

These puppies are very smart and are picking up on things such as staying in their kennels until I command them, I do not stress their names rather I use phrases like good girl or come boy.

I spend at the most 10 minutes at a time (mostly only 5-7) because I have found that working with them at short segments several times a day works better at their age. And I try to mix up the commands so they don't get bored. We always allow time to play and they are getting used to the command (go play) for that.

I have found even that if I have there attention I can let them off the leash and they follow along with me. They all have their little personalities, and some work better with the training session after a little play time.

We spend time with the puppies one on one and also in group play.

They are allowed out to play with our supervision. This way they can explore different areas. Most people have trouble with their puppies chewing on things and digging in the yard. Once you realize your puppies personalities you will be able to give them the appropriate toys to chew on or give them activities so they are not bored.

We have a designated area for them to be in the house and they are learning the no command and not to enter a room unless they are called in. Also we crate them in the house so they are getting used to being by themselves. Some definitely adjust better then others - so if you hear howling on our end of the phone you know whats up.

There is usually never a dull moment around here...

Richard & Beth Siess

Seneca Kansas 66538


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